About Us

AH Money Exchange Ltd. is one of the leading currency exchange company specialised in exchanging foreign currency.

10 Year Experience in Currency Exchange Market | AH Money Exchange Ltd.

With over 10 years of experience in currency exchange market, AH Money has established as one of the trusted names in London and specifically in Bayswater. With our experience comes our negotiating skills where we get the best rates for you from the market. Serving our customers with competitive rates is the main motto of AH Money. We understand that our customer's hard earned money deserves better exchange rates and so when we buy the currency from our customers we make sure the rate is as good as market rate.

Customer Service AH Money Exchange

Customer Service:

AH Money Exchange Ltd. is located in London's prime area of Queensway/Bayswater. We are accessible and love to interact with our customers. As London welcomes tourists from around the world, we try to understand all our customer whose first language is not English. And to help serve our customers better we have multi lingual staff. Customer service is at our heart. We make sure that our customers are happy doing business with us. General guidelines to our customers:

  • Please count the currency you want to transact with us. When we receive the currency from you we do count it and confirm the amount with you.
  • Confirmation of currency exchange rate. We tell all our customer how much they will get in return after the exchange.
  • We do not charge commission. 0% commission. And there are no hidden fees.
  • We count the currency and once you are have we give it to you.
  • Please count the transaction and confirm it with the transaction receipt provided to you.

Anti-Money Laundering

Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering:

We follow HMRC rules and regulations. Any transactions above our company anti-money laundering limit will require:

  • Primary identity proof such as valid passport, UK driving license or National ID card (Europe).
  • Secondary identity proof such as bank statement, utility bills not older than last 3 months.

We store all our currency transactions in CEBS (Currency Exchange Bureau system) software. The software helps us identify blacklisted customers which avoids transacting with them.

AH Money Exchange Ltd follows KYC, CDD and EDD.